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Paul Lang

The owner of West Acton Mobil was lucky enough to have his ticket pulled for the NESSARA Early Bird Scholarship Raffle Drawing. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the 19th Annual NESSARA Scholarship Raffle Party.

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Top Automotive News

Cloud computing could transform car interiors

Storing data outside vehicles could reduce clutter inside
Access to the "cloud," through a wireless Internet connection in a car, has automakers thinking out of the box. Potential features go far beyond present uses of in-car Internet access. With the expanded data storage available, a car could become a highly customized personal assistant connected to the owner's home, smartphone and computer. Read More.

Gas News

Preparing for Future Payment Systems

First it was PCI, now retailers have to prepare for the widespread launch of Near Field Communications, which is expected to become a widely used system for making payments by smartphone in the U.S. The convenience store industry is increasingly turnings its gaze outdoors to the forecourt, not only for innovative marketing to help bring customers indoors, but for more effective ways to secure transactions.(Read More)

Other News

Auto Sales Reach an 8-Month High, Helped by Stable Gas Prices

DETROIT - Consumers took advantage of stable gas prices and bought more trucks and sport utility vehicles, which helped push up the sales of new automobiles in the United States to an eight-month high in October. (Read More)

Regulatory & Legal News

Regulators considering first statewide prohibition on tobacco sales in pharmacies

Massachusetts health regulators said yesterday that they will consider banning the sale of tobacco products at pharmacies across the state, a prohibition that, officials believe, would make Massachusetts the first to take such action, reported the Boston Globe. Read More

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