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Corporate Office:

574 Boston Road Suite #12
Billerica, Massachusetts 01821
Phone - (978) 667-7706
Fax - (978) 667-4431
Email - Info@NESSARA.com

Office Staff
Executive Director: John Howell
Financial Officer: Teri Maxwell
IT Coordinator: Mike Shipka

Industry News
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UPS Stores Hack Puts Customer Info at Risk
Some customers of The UPS Store may have had their credit and debit card info exposed by a computer virus found on systems at stores in 24 states.

Are You a Work Martyr?
Fears of work piling up could be putting a dent in vacation plans. A new survey says 40 percent of Americans don’t take all of their time off.

Mom Builds an App so Her Son Will 'Ignore No More'
Ever get the feeling your calls are being ignored? In the age of smartphones and caller ID, we all know it happens, but what can be done?

Stocks Higher, Markets Eye Fed Rate Hikes
Stocks mostly rose after a report from the Federal Reserve's last meeting showed some officials want a "relatively prompt" rate hike.

Twinkies Live, but Their Birthplace is Closing
Almost 85 years after it started making Twinkies snacks, the Schiller Park, Ill., bakery is turning off its ovens for good.