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Passing the Torch

As aluminum gains on steel in auto-body structure, these 10 tips will transform you into a shop superhero for the brave new world of welding.

No spoiler alert here: Aluminum is the auto industry’s new super metal. Its strength is exceptional for a lightweight metal, and its flexibility in usage for vehicle bodies, structural components, decoration and styling mean that it will work with just about any application in which designers are seeking ways to lighten vehicle systems to improve fuel economy.

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When New Hires Go South

What you need to say and do to minimize the impact on your business.


We all appreciate the hopeful feeling a new staff member brings to the organization. A burst of optimistic energy floats around the shop as all the people and parts of the business settle in around the new addition.

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PMAA: Cost to Retrofit Tank Systems for E15 ‘Enormous’

PMAA: Cost to Retrofit Tank Systems for E15 ‘Enormous’

The Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA) said the cost to retrofit
underground storage tank systems to handle E15 would be “enormous” — averaging
between $375,000 and $425,000 per gas station. To replace the piping alone, a
gas station operator would spend a minimum of $150,000, the association said.

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Seven Types of Eaters Shaping the Foodservice Landscape

Seven Types of Eaters Shaping the Foodservice Landscape

Today’s foodservice consumer culture is rapidly evolving, leaving little room for error. To help foodservice operators know who their customers are and what drives them to dine out, Technomic’s Consumer4Sight research platform released the 7 Eater Archetype (EAT) segments that compose the foodservice consumer landscape.

Historic Year for U.S. Convenience Stores

Historic Year for U.S. Convenience Stores

Convenience continues to resonate with consumers, with record in-store sales of nearly $214 billion and overall industry sales closing in on $700 billion in 2014.

Buoyed in part by low fuel prices, the U.S. convenience store industry had record in-store sales of $213.5 billion in 2014, according to figures released today by NACS. Overall industry sales for 2014 reached $696.1 billion, evidence that the value of convenience continues to resonate with consumers.

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