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NIST Corrosion Lab Tests Suggest Need for Underground Gas Tank Retrofits

A hidden hazard lurks beneath many of the roughly 156,000 gas stations across the United States.

Thu, July 31st
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Shell Warns Marketers about Skimming Fraud

Shell has alerted marketers on a growing problem with skimming fraud, in which
thieves steal customer credit card and debit card information by capturing it
with a small electronic device known as a "skimmer" that is often installed
inside fuel dispensers.

Thu, July 31st
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Automotive Grade Linux Shows a Lot of Open Source Promise for In-Car Infotainment

Let’s face it: most automakers are notoriously bad at creating competent infotainment and navigation systems. This really is the case, with the few good ones out there representing the exception. A number of factors make this true, and in short, it’s basically down to costs, allocated development budgets and a general lack of deep knowledge and experience in the field on their part.

Tue, July 8th
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Vermont unveils station for electric car charging

Despite steady increases in premium prices during the past five years, auto owners’ satisfaction with auto insurers is reaching record-high levels, according to a recent J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Auto Insurance Study.

Tue, July 8th
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Massachusetts gas prices down 3 cents per gallon

BOSTON — The price of a gallon of gas in Massachusetts has dropped 3 cents in the past week.

AAA Southern New England reports Monday that self-serve regular is down to $3.67 per gallon.

That's a penny more than the national average, 3 cents higher than the in-state price a month ago and a full 19 cents higher than at this time a year ago.

AAA found wide range of prices, from a low of $3.45 for a gallon of self-serve regular to a high of $3.89 for the same grade.

-Boston Herald

Tue, July 8th
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Norwegian Cruise Acquires Prestige Cruises for $3B
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, the world's third-largest cruise operator, is acquiring Prestige Cruises International for $3.025 billion.

Home Depot Probing 'Unusual Activity' After Reports of Data Breach
Home Depot is working with investigators to flesh out the origin of "unusual activity," a spokeswoman told CNBC in a statement.

Back-to-School Travel Tips for College Families
Plan as far ahead as possible, be flexible about the dates and times of travel and find out if the college has free or low-cost airport shuttles.

Stocks Waver, Look Past Manufacturing Jump
Stocks fluctuated as investors largely looked beyond data showing that manufacturing jumped to its highest level in three years.

CEO Resigns After Being Accused of Abusing Puppy
Video allegedly showed Desmond Hague kicking the dog in a Vancouver elevator.