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NESSARA - For Small Business

NESSARA was created in 1974 to protect and enhance the rights of small service stations, repair facilities, convenience stores, tire dealers, car washes, etc... We remain the largest recognized 501c (6) non-profit organization supporting the automotive industry in New England

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Rack Pricing:
Supplier - Valero
City - Rver
Terminal - Global
Date - 1/30/15
Price - 1.3675


BMW Looks to Add Gesture Control (VIDEO) 1/6/15
In the future, drivers will be able to change the radio volume, start navigation or answer a call with the wave

GDI: Gasoline Deposits Inside? 12/16/14
The familiar combustion chemistry of gasoline goes something like this: gasoline + oxygen + (compression + heat) = water + carbon dioxide + more heat

Mass. Allows Hold Open Clips at Self Serve Pumps 12/5/14
The new year will bring a major change at self-service gas stations in Massachusetts.

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Newsbrief Winter 2014
Tax Credits and 21J, Swipe Fees, Preparing Your Business For Sale

Newsbrief Fall 2014
Banks Profiting 445% on Swipe Fees, E-Cig Warning Labels Confound Health Officials

Newsbrief Summer 2014
Secure Credit Cards, Min. Wage Hike, Tax Changes to Gas/Diesel

Newsbrief Spring 2014
Swipe Fees, Fuel Standards and Tobacco Regulations


Advanced Electrical Diagnosis Using DMM - Feb. 21st

Testing techniques will be taught using a load tool, signal generator & inductive amp clamp.
8 Presidential Way, Woburn

Scholarship Raffle Party

NESSARA's 22nd Annual Scholarship Raffle Party. Saturday December 6th, 2014. Located at the Billerica Lodge of Elks. 14 Webb Brook Road, Billerica MA

Scan Tools - Beyond the Flowchart - 12/3

We've reinvented Scan Tool training because button-pushing and menu navigation don't make you more successful.
Porter & Chester, 134 Dulong Circle, Chicopee MA